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Concorde De Luxe Resort

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The 5-star Concorde De Luxe Resort in Antalya, Lara region and that has been named after Concorde has taken its place among the thematic hotels with its 401 rooms.

At Concorde De Luxe Resort comfort, peace and luxury are in the foreground. Relaxation and enjoyment are offered together in a wide garden, tennis courts, Jacuzzi pools, water slides, bowling and snooker rooms, internet cafe, with pool activities, games, animation programs with games and contests and music and special shows in the evenings.

Concorde De Luxe Resort offers to its guests the unique flavors of different cultures at 6 A’la Carte Restaurants elaborately.

With its holistic philosophy Carpe Diem Spa offers unique sessions within the body, mind and spirit triangle. Skin care, massages and body care are only a few of these alternatives. The special Spa garden with its joy of massage in the fresh air, open pool and the pond that have been specially designed for our guests who want to sunbathe or rest completes the Spa concept, the philosophy of which is based on water.

Besides the joy of holiday and fun, we also respond to requests for special events, feasts, weddings, congresses and seminars with our congress center of 1100 m2 and 6 halls of different sizes equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

To become the preferred and most valuable brand of the tourism sector.
Our mission is to continuously exceed for the expectations of our guests, our employees and our partners.
• Exceeding the expectations continuously
• Integrity
• Continuous improvement / being open to innovations
• Using initiatives
• Learning, entrepreneurship
• Respecting diversity
• Team spirit and equity
• Loyalty
• To offer quality service with a contemporary hotel management understanding
• To improve human resources continuously
• To sustain employee satisfaction
• To sustain guest satisfaction
• To sustain investor satisfaction
• To increase the number of guests who desire to re-stay

Management Systems Policy

The main aim of our hotel is to keep guest satisfaction at the highest level with our employees and to offer best quality service. Within this aim the following are our prioritized and indispensable management rules:

• To provide the legal requirements,

• To prevent environmental pollution and to protect the nature using our natural resources in the most efficient way, to decrease the amount of our wastes, to provide recycling or to make them harmless,

• To implement food safety along the food chain,

• To keep the hygienic conditions in the foreground generally at the hotel,

• To follow up all guest complaints from all sources, to resolve the complaints and informing our guests on these issues, to change these complaints into opportunities for ourselves,

• To minimize health and safety risks for our employees, guests and partners and to prevent work accidents,

• To use our energy sources in the most efficient way and to adopt the principle of continuous improvement for energy productivity,

• To improve and renovate ourselves continuously with the understanding of total quality.