Carpe Diem Spa

Health is calling you at Concorde De Luxe Resort...

Built on total 4.000 sqm within Concorde De Luxe Resort, the two-storey Carpe Diem Spa moves you to a unique world.

Carpe Diem Spa restores your physical, mental and spiritual integrity with its care cabins which are specially designed with the most modern equipment, excellent cares, tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

You can complete the complementary effect of the massage therapies, Spa cares, traditional bath glove and foam applications, face and body applications with world renowned brands by drinking your tea at Spa Café or resting in the special Spa garden.

Refresh, revitalize and enjoy being spoilt thanks to the programs and cares to be prepared specifically for you in line with personal needs and requirements by the professional staff of Carpe Diem Spa.